Charged with a crime and afraid you will lose your job?

Being charged does NOT mean that you will necessarily lose your security clearance, or your career.

You’ve worked too hard
You’ve sacrificed too much

Your job is too important to lose over one:

Mistake Isolated event Misunderstanding Lapse of judgment Drunken night

Judge gavel with Justice lawyers having team meeting at law firm in background. Notary with client in office

If you are facing a criminal prosecution and are concerned that this will damage your career or risk your security clearance, you need to call a lawyer with the right expertise.

We make sure that everything is done so that you can keep your job if this is in any way possible. We combine your criminal defence with experience in employment and security clearance law to take the right steps so that you can keep your job.

We know what we’re doing. We’ve worked with professionals in similar circumstances. We can help you.

Providing this information does not mean that you have retained us to act as your counsel, or that a solicitor/client relationship has yet been established.